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Understand how it works!

Some people are happy following the crowd—for the rest of us, there's magic. The mysteries of the universe unfold to the magician, bringing peace and joy unfathomable to the layperson. Whether you use the paradigm of science, poetry, art, philosophy, or chaos magic, approaching life as an adventure in finding the Path and developing your deepest wisdom can transform you into a vibrant, inspired person driven by passion and destiny. I am a guide on the path, and this website is my attempt to reach out to YOU to help you in any way that I can. My services are donation-based, so please keep reading—this letter will introduce you to my work, which is to help you actualize your purpose!

Without dogmatic beliefs of any kind, you can take back your life, heal your trauma, find true happiness—and acquire neat magical powers!

We all know suffering, and we all struggle to situate ourselves in the grand scheme of things. Finding your footing in life is not just hard—it's almost like the world attacks our happiness at every turn! I've suffered immensely in my own life from a lack of good teachers and mentors, which is why I decided to become a teacher myself. This is truly my deepest and most compassionate wish—to help everyone to become what Abraham Maslow called “transcendent self-actualizers” in order to heal the world. That's why I work on a donation-based sliding scale—so I can help as many people as possible! Please, let me help you to find your purpose and hone your inner power, so that you don't have to go through the long, arduous path that I had to take to find real magic in my life!

Learn the deepest secrets of reality—and understand them!

People underestimate how complex magic is. It is extremely complex and difficult to get even a bare glimpse of. But I've seen it—In fact, I've literally gone to hell and back three times to bring these secrets to you! And I've worked incredibly hard to develop language that can help you to see and understand it, too (without having to go through all the fuss and inconvenience of a “shamanic deathwalk”).

Have peace of mind as you study—Receive my protection and study the ethics of magic

I once had a teacher who fed me to demons and stole $500 dollars from me, to boot. So I know how important it is to have a compassionate, ethical teacher who will always work hard to protect you and keep you balanced and grounded as you study.

Peace of mind in magic can also be interrupted by fears that “magic is evil”, fear-based religious baggage, or worries about demons or other malevolent circumstances. Never fear! Not only do I teach the ethics of magic alongside the magic itself, but my fundamentally secular and scientific approach will show you that magic is approachable, understandable, and workable. You will not need to believe—you will understand why magic is either safe or dangerous, right or wrong, when used in different circumstances and for different purposes.

What makes my approach so special?

I'm a psychologist. Most people who study “the occult” don't have any idea what it means or why it works—but I do. I've studied human wisdom and how to awaken it in others for 10 years, collecting the highest initiations possible to share with my students. With my degrees in Psychology (BS) and in Educational Psychology & Technology (MA), and my background in critical theory, educational philosophy, and the ethics of teaching, I know magic in-and-out, and I apply multiple lenses ranging from cognitive neuroscience to esoteric mysticism to every topic of study. I can take you as far down the rabbit hole as you want to go—what floor, please?

Studying magic (or whatever you want to call it!) with me will blow your mind, over and over!

A few things my students and readers have said, which continue to inspire me:

“This is an incredibly valuable gift that you've left here for anyone to find. Thank you.”

“I just read your post . . . and it was the convergence of a million different synchronous events. It... that.... oof. It was beautiful. Just about the best thing I can think of as a little fuel to fill my lantern as I descend into the machine myself to unchain and arm teenagers as foot soldiers in Her astral tragicomedy. So, I just wanted to say thanks. A million thank yous. You rock, /u/raisondecalcul.”

“/u/raisondecalcul is one of the more enigmatic and fascinating members of reddit imo”

“Loving these [classes]. Love the enthusiasm and openness of the exercises. Love that you're just being a cool librarian-guide and letting me discover ‘Matilda' on my own. That's how I do it in the muggle world with teenagers, and that you've built a fucking magickal pedagogy upon it fills me with such intense surprise and delight at the subtle brilliance of it, I'm almost teary eyed.”

“I really want to stress that your hyperdimensional inversion thing fucking rocks, keep writing, you rule, and have more balls than I do to be taking the writing, the composing of words, seriously. I also wanna add, actually, that like it took me this entire ramble to realise how you summarize like every single bunch of this lemurian occult psycho psycho shitpile, into one tiny Arthur C Clark clean little thing, much like that one about the computer, and this is actually like really cool, and my reaction is actually not what I thought it was, it was your text deforming all this stupid bullshit reading about how humans are nuts. And you just fucking did it in a simple dialogue. You got me rambling my fingers for like an hour, you are giving me shamanic healing. You are a fucking artist, I will think of this story, instead of a MULTITUDE of vague 'ideas'.”

“I read a post from you a while back where you so clearly explain so [many] things I've been struggling with. It help[ed] a lot... to the point where it brought a tear to my Eye. Thank you my elephant riding friend!”

All this personal attention, hard-won knowledge, and respectful teaching can be yours for the low price of—whatever you can afford!

I work on a donation-based sliding scale, because I am so sincere about helping people, and because I don't think that this type of help should be kept from anyone! If you need me, I'm there—pay what you can, and tell your friends! Buy my books (coming soon) if you'd like—I think you will enjoy them and find them dense with original thought.

All ongoing students are asked to sign up for recurring donations via Patreon, on either a monthly or per-product basis (usually one class is a product). This is both to provide some type of basic income for me, and also to create a clear distinction between who is and who is not a student. One-time donations are of course welcomed and greatly appreciated, but for ongoing students I do ask that you make at least a token recurring donation ($1 or their minimum) via Patreon. (If this is impossible for you, other arrangements can be made.) I spend all my life producing materials for students and honing my teaching, so I appreciate and rely on donations in order to pay my living expenses and fund my various writing, software, and social activism projects.

Curious about becoming a student? Try my first run of classes or schedule a video consultation with me—for free! (Donations accepted for services rendered)

You don't need to believe me—read a few of my correspondence classes and see how they get your mind going and your spirit “popped”! I would recommend starting with Advanced Altar-Building, The Ethics Stone, or Perspectives on Divination, as these classes are the most accessible and stand-alone.

Have a question, or want to chat? Send me an email, schedule a video consultation, or contact me on Telegram! I make myself as available as I can.

Try out my classes or have a conversation, and you can decide whether I might be the teacher you've been looking for.

Bonus—Anyone who donates will be given my brief pamphlet, “The real scoop on tantric sex”, upon request!

That's right! Most guides on “tantric sex” are, shall we say, fluffed up? They usually contain a potpourri of trite new age platitudes, exhaustively catalogued sex positions, and vague descriptions of the “lingam” and “yoni” that embarrass the birds and the bees with their cultural appropriation!

Not this guide. You'll learn more from this little pamphlet than you will from almost any so-called “tantric sex” book you can find in stores. Learn the true historical usage of the term ‘tantra', the cybernetic neuroscience of Eros, and a few energetic techniques you can practice, for fun and for deep spiritual realization with a partner. Learn why most people can't or won't do tantra, despite how easy it is. Most importantly—I'll reveal the true secret of tantric sex in this guide—It's simple but it scares most people when they understand it, it's so powerful!.

Best of all, this guide is not just about sex! Tantra is much broader than that, and understanding it can transform all of your relationships with others (but let's not forget—also sex!).

Ready to start the process of becoming a student? Inspired to help in my mission to heal the world, one mind at a time? Sign up as a Patreon supporter now!

You won't find another one like me. I've spent countless hours studying the philosophy and the practice of respecting others and of providing initiations of the highest degree. If you'd like to understand the universe, find your purpose, and discover real magic in life, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you for reading, and I'm sorry for this sales-like letter ;-).

—Anders J. Aamodt
Headmaster, Internet School of Magic