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Since I offer my services on a sliding-scale/donation basis, I have decided to make all past classes for the Internet School of Magic available here, for free. If you enjoy these classes or find them helpful, please consider making a donation. Click the button in the top right to sign up as a Patreon supporter, or make a one-time donation.

If you are interested in seriously pursuing your study using these classes, please contact me and request to be added to the mailing list, so that I may support you in your study. Classes are emailed out every Wednesday; this page may lag slightly behind that schedule.

Warning: Occultism is heady stuff. Read these at your own risk, and please contact me with questions or for any other support you need for these materials.

1. Ethics Stone 5/20/2015
2. Desires List 5/27/2015
3. The Black Mirror 6/3/2015
4. The Numogram—Introduction 6/10/2015
5. The Glass Bottle 6/17/2015
6. The Zero—Aeon 6/24/2015
7. The One—Unity 7/1/2015
8. The Merkavah 7/8/2015
9. Narrative Self-Authorship 7/15/2015
10. 5::4 7/22/2015
11. Binary Micro-Erotics 8/5/2015
12. 6::3—Slack & Hyperstition 8/12/2015
13. The Two & Building Your Personal Mythos 8/19/2015
14. Archetype/Angel, Complex/Dæmon 8/26/2015
15. The Four & Disarming Mind-Viruses 9/2/2015
16. Introduction to Comparative Qabalism 9/9/2015
17. Perspectives on Divination 9/16/2015
18. The Three 9/23/2015
19. Advanced Altar-Building 10/7/2015
20. The Kiki 10/14/2015

Please enjoy these classes, and let me know if you have any questions.

A School of Initiation

Logo for the Internet School of Magic, an owl holding a key over a skull, with morning glory flowers and a mandala.
Seal of the School by Lane

I study sapience, the human quality of intelligence; and initiation, the practice of helping people to cultivate and deepen their sapience through healing, ritual, and instruction in the perennial mysteries.

If you have studied any occultism, you have probably found (like me) that most occult texts are poorly-written nonsense. If you can wade through mountains of bad writing, obscure half-recipes, and purposely-obfuscated truths, you can eventually develop the ability to interpret these low-quality occult works and extract some value from them.

However, the rare high-quality occult manuals will almost always trump the nonsense type. Being lucid, rich with relevance, and full of many connections between plain language and occult understanding, these rare resources strike us with their clarity and make magic exciting, useful, understandable, and real again. It doesn't have to be a confusing struggle through vagaries—that's just what those in power want magic to be like.

This is a new age in which information technology connects people of all nations and religions. The Internet School of Magic is a vanguard resource in this respect: it is a project of providing the most concentrated, highest-quality occult information and instruction publically available. Gone are the days when the mysteries had to be kept as secrets in order to "protect" them—rather, they were kept as secrets in order to give priests power over their subjects and protect the privilege of a ruling class.

Now that an overload of occult information is available instantaneously, the problem becomes one of sorting through the rubble of the ancients and making sense of it.

This is an important political project: the New Age movement is massive, but it lacks political will or motivation, partially because many of its doctrines are confused and corrupt, encouraging disengagement and escape into fantasy. A New Age movement armed with high-quality spiritual understanding that transcends religious affiliations would be well-equipped to critically examine political affairs and engage intelligently and with solidarity.


I teach weekly classes for the Internet School of Magic. Currently, I am running these classes as a correspondence course: Each week I write a new class, send it out to students via a mailing list, and then answer questions via email and in-document comments.

The first run of classes is still continuing. This series is exploring and articulating a holistic worldview that includes both magical and scientific/psychological considerations using a critical, transyncretic approach. The model is grounded in the numogram, a contemporary numerological map of the cosmos similar to the qabbalistic Tree of Life. Each of the classes is taught from a multi- and transdisciplinary perspective that brings in relevant psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, and other topics.

Future Directions

A new chatroom is available for students who join the mailing list (email me about this), and eventually I would like to begin making video classes or possibly a live video broadcast each week.

More broadly, the future direction of the School is to help strengthen contemporary social movements. Networking together new agers, spiritual leaders and occultists with cryptoanarchists, cryptocurrency activists, social media designers, free and open internet developers, permaculture workers, and critical theorists, my goal is to help interlink a broad and solid social movement that uses advanced technology and spirituality to heal the world. Please see the Illuminati page for more information on these projects.

Pillars of Study

Here is a condensed list of some of my core topics of study:

Sapience the quality that makes us human; mysterious and ineffable
Alchemy the science of human psychospiritual development. depth psychology; comparative religion; self-actualization
Reality Navigation the mastery of altered states and the resubjectivization of the self
Mathesis rigorous nondual metaphysics and mathesis. toroidal metaphysics; the geometry of transcendence; numerology & numogrammatics
Initiation the welcoming of humans to life as sapient beings. pedagogy and ethics, philosophy and ritual. meta-subjectification and critical soteriology
Healing holistic psychospiritual and metaphysical healing. energy healing and deep reading; critical psychiatry and the politics of reality
Introspective Interfaces software interfaces for deep introspection, contemplation, and self-knowing. the reliable triggering of epiphanies via digital drugs (cybernetic microritual)
Teaching & Critical Activism strategizing the highest leverage points. guerilla librarianism, critical theory, revolutionary tactics and liberational pedagogy
Philology love of words and language; omniglossia and phonomorphemics; the art of paregmenon; poetry
Allegory interpretation: myth, dream, narratology, writing, hermeneutics of self and experience