Living Books

I am writing several books, many of which are near completion. As I search for publishers, I have decided to publish them online for free as "living books"—online documents that you can view and comment on. This allows readers to influence the writing of the book by asking questions and suggesting edits, and allows reading to become a conversation with the author.

Donations made now can be applied toward the purchase of any of my books, if/when they go into printing. Simply use this button or any one next to a book title, and email me later to redeem. Email me asking to join my mailing list so you will know when a book is printed!

Unleashing Nick Land's Time-Sorcery System

Since late 2012, I have been working on decoding, understanding, and making intelligible the numogrammatic neoqabalistic system put forth by CCRU, the Cybernetic Cultures Research Unit. "Led" by Nick Land and Sadie Plant, this organization created a perfected system of numerology and released it into the wild. Unlocking this system has been the most exciting challenge of my life, and this book (together with Comparative Qabalism and many of the lessons in the School) is intended to make it accessible to you. The writing continues—much work remains in articulating this massive compendium.

The Politics of Reality: Collected Writings

This book, virtually complete, is a collection of essays about how realities are manufactured, distributed, and imprinted into people via institutions such as schooling, the media, marketing, and propaganda. Partly inspired by R. D. Laing's title, The Politics of Experience, I intend this book to be a spark which can provoke multiple perspectives and perspectival-thinking, particularly for people who come from a solid, heavily-programmed worldview.

Dispatches from the Goddess

In early 2015, I wrote a series of essays for the main subreddit I moderate, /r/sorceryofthespectacle, dealing with various aspects of the developing community. These essays tackle topics including contemporary goddess-worship, alternate reality games (ARGs), revolutionary incubation, and digital drugs. The book begins with two slam poems I wrote for Halloween, the second of which resulted in severe academic sanction within my PhD program. As a collection of essays, this book is essentially finished.

Comparative Qabalism

A visual introduction to numerological qabalism, this book is offered in Publisher format because it requires careful page layout. Whereas Unleashing Nick Land's Time-Sorcery System is an in-depth exploration of numerological qabalism based on the numogram, this book is less focused on the numogram and more of a basic key to understanding "what it's all about"—a Dorling-Kindersly-esque guide to occult insight. This book is in its early stages—I would be interested in partnering with a visual artist on it.

(a)telic field theory

"A book of poems about nothing", this book partly articulates, partly hints-at a model of the Dao which (in classes) I refer to as "the 0". It was very fun to write and I consider it finished, unless further inspiration strikes.

The Book of Points: Magic is Real, a Sorcerous Primer

A collection of one-page tutorials, this book is my attempt to catalog some of the most impactful occult insights I have had in a format which can transfer these insights to others, concisely. Thus, the content is a bit scattered and I may rework it into a different book entirely. I continue to add new pages to this book, but currently it has become eclipsed by my classes, which provide a much more extensive survey of occult insights.

Illuminati Networking: Protocols for the Welcoming of New Initiates

This "handbook to activism in the new age" is currently under development with a group of interested colleagues. One notable chapter (or possibly a spin-off book) will be titled "The Friendship Protocols" and will actualize a model of contemporary initiated friendship as it pertains to social media, activism, and perennial initiation. This book is not yet publicly shared; see the Illuminati page for more information.

Other books-in-progress

These works are in too early a stage to share, but I am excited to develop them. Please let me know if you are interested in being a reader, or in discussing the concepts of these works with me: