Illuminati Networking

An Uncle Sam-style war poster depicting Albus Dumbledore that says, 'I want YOU for Dumbledore's army!'
illuminati recruitment poster

"Find the others" is the advice given by Timothy Leary after "Turn on, tune in, drop out"—but why is it so hard?! I have been researching this question for 10 years. In fact, it was my attempt to find like-minded friends which led to my research into sapience.

Are some people "different", "special", or "enlightened", or is it just the way I am looking at them—humanizing or demonizing the other person? I call this "illuminati dialectics" and it is very important to theories of subjectivity and spirituality.

However, my research basically shows that there are some people who try very hard to be creative, enlightened artists—and a much larger group of people who don't try at all. These artists are the Others, and there are many mechanisms in society that keep us (and everyone) isolated and disempowered.

I am working on a number of projects to help bring the Others together in powerful and enjoyable new political and social forms. Please contact me on Telegram if you are interested in saving the world and meeting your allies. I will get you plugged in to decentralized contemporary critical & magical activism.

People like us everywhere are all working on the same Project—now, as capitalism implodes, it is time to form networks of critical activism and heal the world.

You can find the Others at the Coalition of Invisible Colleges.